The 3.5-10x 50mm SFP doesn’t range as well as the FFP scopes.  The Turrets don’t index multiple turns as well as the FFP scopes.  If you typically use your cartridge with less than 15 MOA elevation, or prefer to Hold-Off, this scope will work well for you at a great price.  The illuminated reticle is a nice option for varmint or hogs in low light.
The 4-14x 44mm FFP is a high end long distance hunting scope.  It’s dedicated to the challenge of big game hunting at longer distances.  Adjustable parallax ensures the reticle is properly positioned on the target.  If you regularly require more than 15 MOA elevation at distances you need to be sure of, this is the scope for you.
The 6-24x 50mm FFP is both a high end long distance hunting scope and a capable bench shooting scope.  24x needs a stable platform to enjoy and it will help you score your target shooting at much longer distances.  The objective is 50mm to provide a useful FOV at 24x.  The reticle is illuminated for even more capabilities.