6-24x 50mm First Focal Plane (FFP) Mil-Dot Illuminated Reticle

Long Distance Large Game & Varmit Hunting + Bench Shooting:  $489 MSRP

    1. Beautiful clear optics with 50mm objective lens for fast target acquisition + long range spotting.
    2. FOV at 100yds:  @ 6x = 16.7 ft; @ 24x = 4.5 ft.
    3. Illuminated Mil-Dot FFP reticle for precise ranging and accurate hold-offs when there isn’t time for Elevation MOA adjustment.
    4. Elevation Turret: 1/4 MOA Audible Click.  12 MOA/rev.  Total adjustment at least 60 MOA.  Recommend 10-15 MOA base.  Flatter cartridges might be a few MOA short of zeroing with 20 MOA base.  See FAQ.
    5. Windage Turret: 1/4 MOA Audible Click.  12 MOA/rev.  Marked +/-6 MOA.  Total adjustment at least 60 MOA.
    6. OptiCo.us FFP Ballistic Calculator calculates MOA from your firearm ballistics plus Mil-Dot measurement of target size at any zoom level.
    7. Side adjustable Parallax.
    8. 30mm Tube for extra strength, rigidness and MOA adjustment.
    9. Pop-up lens covers + 4.25″ Sunshade included.
    10. Fogproof mult-coated lenses.
    11. Waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes + Shockproof to 1200G
    12. Warranty:  Lifetime transferable warranty.