3.5-10x 50mm Second Focal Plane (SFP) Mil-Dot Illuminated Reticle

Small to Large Game Hunting:  $179 MSRP

    1. Beautiful clear optics with large 50mm objective lens to locate smaller targets plus long distance spotting.
    2. FOV at 100 yards: @3.5x = 34 ft.; @10x = 12 ft.
    3. Illuminated reticle for low light varmit and hog hunting.
    4. Detailed Mil-Dot reticle for quick accurate hold-offs when there isn’t time for Elevation MOA adjustment.
    5. OptiCo.us SFP Ballistic Calculator calculates MOA from your firearm ballistics while at 10x zoom.
    6. 30mm Tube for extra strength, rigidness and MOA adjustment.
    7. Pop-up lens covers
    8. Fogproof multi-coated lenses.
    9. Waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes + Shockproof to 1200G.
    10. Warranty:  Lifetime transferable warranty.