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Hello, You suspect Global Warming needs a New Solution. It is GEOENGINEERING (GeoE)! Increasing numbers of wild fires in the USA, Australia, Brazil and Siberia tell us carbon constraint will not work in time to delay the Tipping Point, we need GeoE solutions. Carbon constraint is the very necessary long term solution, but we need something faster. Enjoy looking at our YouTube VIDEO about Global Warming and afterwards visit our website to view and vote for our GeoE solution using artificial salt water desert lakes. We have it in 12 languages so far. Here are two of them. VIDEO English Tale of Two Froggies by Wat de Dickens VIDEO Espanol Cuento de dos ranitas por Wat de Dickens Bill Gates financed research at Harvard on a Space Umbrella GeoE project and the activation cost is estimated at $2.2 billion per annum. It involves the injection of reflective particles into the upper atmosphere and there are political challenges. Our GeoE desert lake project is politically easier to initiate as it has many local financial and social benefits. Now we need sponsors . Potential $10,000 sponsors please email or call Ken for information. Great international exposure is likely as we will reach out to many countries. We need your vote to encourage Governments to carry out our Desert Lakes GeoE project in the USA and in many other countries. Sponsors and donors also very welcome to our 501 (c) 3 foundation. Your vote or donation is very much needed for further research, computer simulation and site design on this and research on other promising GEO projects. The WEBSITE: Make an impact, go to the website and vote to save the world from the many horrors of global warming.