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Hello. We represent the SoiDog foundation. COVID-19 hit not only citizens, businesses and large companies. It has also affected those who, unfortunately, cannot count on state benefits and support from the Government. About those who, although not sick with COVID-19, need our support. About our younger brothers.
Our little friends sometimes get into trouble due to human fault, sometimes people scoff at animals for fun, just imagine what pain an animal feels that trusts a person, and he hurts him. We help various shelters and veterinary clinics. If you cannot stand aside and watch our little friends suffer, then you can help financially, your money will go to save our little friends.

Because of the current situation in our country against the background of the pandemic, at the moment the capacity of our fund has been slashed. Therefore, we are forced to resort to appealing to small, medium, large businesses and just concerned citizens with a request for help.
Even a regular $10 a month can save the lives of those who can’t take care of themselves on their own.
We will be grateful for any possible help. If you cannot provide financial help, you can help by simply posting this text and the address of our foundation’s website on your official facebook/twitter/youtube page
With the respect SoiDog