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Email Address Validation is almost a no-brainer. Let’s take an online shop as an example. Calculating with 50,000 new email registrations, a lifetime value of $10 for a valid email address and a rate of only 5% bad addresses, email address validation creates $25,000 extra revenue compared to costs of only $280! 60% Massive discount for limited time. Reputation is everything. And if you care about your reputation or that of your brand, we can help build it by cleaning your email list. In addition, we ensure that your emails are seen and you do not send emails to blocked records. Quickly analyzed and “cleansed” our list of 20,000 emails. The insights from MyEmailVerifier email verification service helped us improve the data quality. This was especially useful for eliminating bots and dead email accounts, and clean up legacy accounts. We were able to purge a lot of records, which reduced our licensing costs for the new MA platform.