1. MOA adjustment is suggested for longer distances and when you have time to make the adjustment.
  2. Hold-offs are useful for shorter distances or when there isn’t time to make an MOA adjustment.
  3. 1 Mil-dot is 3.43 MOA.  3.43 MOA corresponds to the bullet drop at about 275 yards with a 100 yd zero.  The bullet drop for 2 Mil-dots corresponds to about 400 yds and 3 Mil-dots corresponds to about 500 yds.
  4. At more than 500 yards, accuracy becomes very important and it is probably best to use the precision of MOA Adjustment instead of Mil-dot Hold-off.  For instance, +/-0.2 Mil-Dots accuracy is more than +/-3.5″ at 500 yards and of course increases at longer ranges.