OptiCo.us Rifle Scope Turret MOA Test Results

Each model rifle scope was tested to compare actual MOA adjustment vs. ballistics estimate of MOA adjustment.  The test was done to compare general long distance results, plus small performance adjustments.  The general long distance results evaluate many variables such as Ballistic Calculator, Cartridge Ballistics, Rifle Scope Performance, and Environmental Conditions.  All of those variables are important and must be managed for successful target acquisition but we also wanted to narrow down testing to Rifle Scope Performance.
For each range, there is a test shot to hit the center of the target (“0″).  This is the general long distance test similar to how firearms are used.  Then at each range, the rifle scope MOA was adjusted to hit 8” above target.  This was done to evaluate what precision the rifle scope provides to control position of the shot at range.
Another way to explain it.  Riflemen will develop a chart (Dope) of the required MOA adjustment for set ranges beyond their zero range.  As long as the cartridge and firearm are consistent, and the environment is properly accounted for, they will be successful.  Beyond the tabulated  performance of all of the combined variables, we wanted to test the individual performance of the rifle scope MOA adjustment.
Test Equipment:
  1. Rifle:  Reuger MKII 7mm Rem. Mag with 20 MOA base.
  2. Bench Anchor rest made by Primos Hunting
  3. Ammunition:  175 gr Winchester Super-X, 0.428 BC, 2,790 fps MV.  A factory load with modest BC and MV, generally effective to at least 1,000 yards.  This cartridge is not very flat firing so the rifle scope will have extra work to keep the shot on target.
  4. Rifle Scopes:  OptiCo.us 3.5-10x 50mm SFP; OptiCo.us 4-14x 44mm FFP; OptiCo.us 6-24x 50mm FFP.
Test Procedure:
  1. Bore sight scope.  Test fire at 25 yards.  Adjust scope.  Zero to 100yards.
  2. At each test range, use Ballistic Calculator estimated MOA to hit center of target.
  3. At each test range, increase MOA the theoretical amount to hit 8″ above  center of target at range.  The theoretical additional MOA is 8″/1.047/(Range/100.)  Example at 400 yards:  8″/1.047/(400/100) = 1.91 MOA more than MOA to hit center of target at 400 yards.