Range Target Using Mil-Dot Second Focal Plane (SFP) Reticle

The SFP Reticle has a sharper image across the whole zoom range but it is a little more complicated to range with because the reticle size stays at its optimum viewing size while the target is zoomed in bigger.    At 10x zoom, the SFP Mil-Dots have the same spacing relative to the target as the FFP Mil-Dots, so at 10x zoom you can use the FFP Ballistic Calculator.
If you’re the electronics type, you can load the OptiCo.us Ballistic Calculator on your device using an Excel spreadsheet.  It will work on smartphones though bigger displays work better.  In the spreadsheet, you have control over individual details for full accuracy.
While we are constantly improving the calculators, there is no substitute for target practice!!  We suggest you take a printout suitable for your target range and note when your specific marksmanship suggests fine tuning the printed results to get even more accuracy for yourself.  Practice zooming different targets and comparing range results to known distances.  Test your total firearm ballistic package vs. the Ballistic Calculator estimate and note what adjustments to make.
Now that you’ve been introduced to the OptiCo.us SFP Ballistic Calculator, follow the link to test how it will help you shoot more accurately!